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13 Ways to Use Coconut Oil from AM to PM

13 Ways to Use Coconut Oil from AM to PM

Coconut oil is a superfood wonder pantry item that everyone and their grandma will insist you need to ingest immediately – and with good reason.

The hype? It’s all true…

Coconut oil is amazing! Here’s why…

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • It has medicinal properties stemming from its Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), also known as medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs).
  • Our bodies break down MCTs differently to standard saturated fats. MCTs go straight to the liver to metabolise rather than being stored as fat so coconut oil’s an excellent source of quick energy for the body and brain.
  • Coconut oil can kill harmful pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi thanks to its lauric acid content. It is often used to treat candida, parasites and poor digestion.
  • Coconut oil has been known to suppress your appetite, whilst helping you burn more kilojoules a day. It’s great for controlling weight and reducing cravings.
  • You can use coconut oil in high-temperature cooking as its high smoke point means it won’t change structure at high heats like other oils, eg. Olive oil.

With that covered, you’re probably wondering how you can squeeze as much of this precious miracle oil into your day as possible?

Ways to Use Coconut Oil

13 Ways to Use Coconut Oil Throughout Your Day:

7am: Try oil pulling for 20mins with a teaspoon of coconut oil; it’s been credited to improving dental health, reduce bad breath and even whiten teeth. Learn more about oil pulling here.

8am: You will probably notice that in winter your coconut oil goes rock hard. This makes adding a teaspoon to your usual green smoothie a real challenge. As the weather cools down we tend to transition to more warming foods, so work coconut oil into your winter breakfast menu. Stir a tablespoon through your quinoa porridge or oats, fry paleo pancakes in it or spread some on rye toast with almond butter and natural honey.

8:30am: Beauty tip – Before you step out the door rub a small amount between your palms and work it through your ends to tame frizz, add it to the tops of your cheekbones as a natural highlighter, and use as a moisturising lip balm.

9:30am: Upon arriving at work, make yourself a quasi-bulletproof coffee – the fancy term given to black coffee with coconut oil and butter added – to supercharge your morning.

1pm: After lunch make a habit of massaging some coconut oil into your cuticles for hydration. This can also be calming and a great time to let your mind wander with positive thoughts.

7pm: Dinner is another chance to work coconut oil into your diet. Add it to steamed greens for an extra dose of good fats, or use it to fry fish and chicken.

8pm: There are so many ways to introduce coconut oil into your evening beauty ritual. Use it as a makeup remover for face and eyes; rub it onto legs for a nourishing shaving cream; for best absorption moisturise your body with it straight out of the shower when your skin is still warm and slightly damp; use it to treat cold sores; and dab it as an under eye cream for wrinkle prevention.

Have I missed anything?

How do you use coconut oil?