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3 Health Food Trends You Need to Try Now

3 Health Food Trends You Need to Try Now

Get on board with these 3 health food trends:

#1 Fruit in Salads

Gone are the days of boring and predictable salads consisting of a few measly salad greens or shreds of iceberg lettuce with some tomato and onion. No, the salad frenzy is real and it’s time to join the party. And what better way to jazz up a salad, then adding a burst of sweet flavour using fresh fruit.

Health Food Trends - Fruit in Salads

While throwing some fruit in a salad is not exactly a new initiative, it’s definitely becoming more popular as a way to create unique and exciting flavour combinations. What’s more, fruit has a way of making salad look a lot more appetising and beautiful (in photographs) #important.

So, if you’re new to this whole fruit in a savoury salad thing, where do you start?

Here are some great basic combos for beginners:

  • Mango + chicken + coriander + avocado + lime dressing
  • Strawberries + spinach + feta + walnuts + balsamic-based dressing
  • Green apple + shredded cabbage + grated carrot + parsley + creamy mayo dressing
  • Mandarin + mixed salad greens + cucumber + quinoa + slivered almonds + citrus dressing

Other versatile fruits to experiment with include watermelon, rockmelon, pomegranate, figs and kiwi.

Get creative, there are some exciting salad adventures to be had!

#2 Fermented Foods

Health Food Trends - Fermented Foods

Once upon a time the term “fermented” conjured up some pretty unpleasant sensorial impressions. Let’s just say the threat of mould and the associated stink-factor were enough to deter most people from the tradition of fermentation and cultured foods.

Well, move over passé yoghurt, because the less popular and traditionally “uncool” fermented foods are having their moment of digestive glory again.

Why eat fermented foods?

Fermented foods are foremost lauded for their digestive benefits. As extolled by nutritionists, when it comes to probiotic rich foods, fermented wonders like kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir are in a league of their own. Probiotics supply your digestive track with the beneficial bacteria it needs to keep the immune system functioning optimally, and improves bowel health and digestion. Not to mention, fermented foods are incredibly cheap to make at home, often using the most basic ingredients.

#3 Smoothie Bowls

You can’t trawl through your Instagram feed lately without being struck by a smoothie bowl post (guilty as charged). Smoothie bowl is a term appointed to describe a smoothie that’s so deliciously thick it warrants a bowl and spoon for consumption.


Unlike your traditional green smoothie, which uses greens and fruit as the base, the smoothie bowl is typically acai based and attracts a surplus of superfood toppings and embellishments. Favourites include buckwheat groats, goji berries, chia, coconut flakes, paleo granola and an assortment of activated nuts. Fresh fruit toppings also feature heavily. But almost any smoothie can be turned into a smoothie bowl with the right attitude.

What are the health trends are you noticing and getting on board with?