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Seasonal Rituals | 5 Things You Should Do Every Season

Seasonal Rituals | 5 Things You Should Do Every Season

It’s no surprise that seasons have a notable impact on our mood and how we experience daily life.

Why not use what each season offers to our advantage and the change in climate as a trigger to keep life interesting with seasonal rituals?

In fact, natural cycles can be really effective as a reminder to check in with yourself regularly and plan what’s next on the agenda.

The transition point between seasons is an obvious time to schedule in these activities because it highlights the need for change.

However, I’ve also found that getting prepared for the next season about a month in advance can work better for ultra-planners (like myself) as it’s when you start to notice the weather change that you will start getting inspired for the next season.

Here are 5 Seasonal Rituals to Embrace:

#1 Research places to go and things to do

It’s a well-known fact that certain activities are conducive to certain weather conditions. Now’s the time to find out the places to visit, things to do, and activities to try to make the most of the elements.seasonal rituals

In summer, find the local hotspots to go snorkelling or eat the best gelato. Into hiking? Research the best tracks to discover when nature’s beauty is peaking. Find out the best time to go strawberry picking nearby or the best time to go camping in a local reserve.

Invite your friends to a spring picnic, or organise a road trip to a landmark you’ve always wanted to see at the recommended time of year. Instead of letting the next season pass you by in a flurry, make a list of things you want to do and actually plan and do them.

#2 Identify fruit and veg that are in season and learn some new recipes

It makes sense that in summer we feel like more cooling and light foods, while in winter we crave meals that are more hearty. And because mother nature’s got the balance just right, it’s typically the fruits and vegetables that are in season that will also satisfy our seasonal cravings.

seasonal rituals

What’s more, seasonal produce is also almost always cheaper, tastier, and more nutrient dense, so do yourself a favour and find out what you should be filling your green bags with at the local farmers’ markets. Bonus points if you also learn some new recipes using what’s fresh and in generous supply. Trying new foods on the regular will also keep you out of a food rut.

#3 Do a wardrobe clean out and refresh

The weather plays a huge role in dictating what we wear, so a change in season will usually mean a change in your look. It’s important to feel good in your second skin. Because clothes can play such a massive role in how we feel about ourselves, it makes sense to invest in some new threads that get you excited about getting dressed for your work day or motivated to do a workout.

Seasonal Rituals Wardrobe Clean Out

By the same token, clothes that have served their time, no longer inspire you or have seen better days should be kindly disposed of. It’s also a good idea to reorganise your wardrobe for practicality. In autumn and winter, bring your long yoga pants to the front of your closet along with your cardigans, sweaters and jumpers.

It’s fun to rediscover the pieces that have taken a sartorial hiatus with the change of climate – you can fall in love with that cheeky summer dress or elegant coat all over again

#4 Detox your living areas

We all drop the ball at times and our standard of living can suffer for it. Clutter expands, paperwork accumulates and things get dusty. It happens. Busy are the days of our lives. Make a time each season to do a whole house clean-out from your handbag to your fridge.

Freshen things up in your bedroom and living room with a new quilt cover and items like throw pillows or blankets that can instantly change the look and feel of a room. I like to clean my bed spread lighter or brighter in summer and switch to dark colours with thicker materials and heavier textures in winter to bring warmth and cosiness to the room.

Seasonal Rituals Bedroom Makeover

You can also add some new scented candles that harmonise with the season (e.g light and citrus in summer, vanilla and spices in winter).

Get clean and organised by tidying your drawers and cupboards, sorting your computer files, and giving your kitchen and bathroom a thorough cleanout. Matching your living environment to the mood of the season can be a lot of fun and prevents your surrounds from getting stagnant.

Seasonal Cleanout

#5 Clean up your act

It’s safe to say there’s at least one thing in your life right now that you want to change or improve upon and is probably taking up most of your residual mental energy. Whether that’s fixing or managing a relationship, solving an issue at work, taking a career opportunity, moving house, or achieving a health objective, now’s the time to pick your objective and go for it.

Seasonal Rituals Journaling

Why? A three-month span is enough time to make real progress, notice changes and get results, but also short enough to keep you focused. This makes the seasonal transition the perfect marker for reflection and making changes in key areas of your life. Make it a habit to set time aside each year for this quarterly “review”.

What are your seasonal rituals?

I’d love to hear in the comments.