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6 Miraculous Natural Immune Boosters

6 Miraculous Natural Immune Boosters

Immunity, it’s a word that gets thrown around by tribal camps on Survivor, but probably deserves a lot more attention when it comes to your health.

Because, who doesn’t want to be immune to sickness, disease and viruses?

The problem is, many of us wait until we catch a cold or flu before we take any action when the gloating power of “OMG I haven’t had a cold aaaall winter” really comes to those who take a preventative approach, which champions your immune system with natural immune boosters like superfoods.

But, what even is your immune system?

Official Definition for Immune System:
Think of your immune system as your personal squad of gladiators (I like to picture mine as the cast of Troy), defending you against invaders like infectious organisms and pesky substances that try to enter your divine temple and do damage.

Cold and flu viruses are a demonic social bunch; they like to mingle and mutate into to new forms on the regular. So, your body is under attack all the time by these ruthless invaders, by simply existing in this modern world. That’s when your immune system steps in and is like, “that’s cute…” and goes to battle, kicking them to the curb.

That is, unless….you don’t support your gladiator squad with routine strength-building tactics.

Prevention always trumps medication my friends. 

Why simply treat sickness if you can prevent it in the first place?

With that said, I know if you are here, you probably fall into one of these two categories:

  1. You get sick often (usually because you are exposed to kids often) and are getting very turned on by the idea of a cold prevention gladiator squad.
  2. You are already possessed by a cold/flu demon and need help before your snot trickles into your keyboard and you electrify yourself.

I will assist both camps in this immunity series.

Let’s start with category 1.

6 Supplements & Behaviours that are Natural Immune Boosters 

#1 Wash Your Hands

It’s no mystery, colds spread to you by people coughing/sneezing on their hands and then touching other things that you also touch (that sounded way dirtier than I wanted it too). Playing it dirty with viruses is not a smart move. Clean hands go a long way to keep germs away, especially in the office. As cold and flu viruses are contracted through the nose, eyes and mouth, make sure before you give your hands a thorough clean with warm water and natural soap before eating and teach your kids to do the same. Okay, maybe not miraculous, but  a golden rule that’s often overlooked.   

#2 Turmeric (+ pepper for max absorption)

I hate to sound like a broken record, but if you only take one supplement, make it this magical golden tonic. Throw it in curries, and other savory dishes (soups, quinoa, rice, etc) or try making this sweet warming turmeric latte. For a faster hit, make a turmeric superfood shot a part of your post dinner ritual (see: Spiced up Golden Shower) – I tend to shoot it down after dinner, with my last sip of red wine as a chaser. I credit this to staying healthy while travelling and not getting sick this past winter.

#3 Probiotics

A strong gut will maximise your absorption of nutrients and antioxidants (the things that keep you healthY and fight disease). Probiotics are incredible at decking your gut out with the good bacteria that you need for healthy digestion and form a barrier against bad bacteria penetrating your intestinal lining. I highly recommend this brand (100% Vegetarian. Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Chemical Free. Non- GMO), which has earnt its fermentation stripes #yum. In addition to this, sneak in fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi and kombucha as much as you can.

#4 Sleep

Sleep is when your body is in repair and restore mode, and creates certain disease-fighting chemicals. Put simply, if you lack sleep, you increase your chance of getting sick because your body lacks the resources it needs to fight off viruses and perform other critical health functions. Adults really need 7+ hours on the daily to maintain peak health, so don’t become one of those “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” zombies.

#5 Raw Garlic

Garlic has some powerful skills in the cold fighting arena. It’s triple “A” score (antimicrobial, antiviral and antibiotic) can be relied on to strengthen your immune system, whilst averting unwanted advances. Now, I’m not going to suggest you chew on it raw like some hardcore enthusiasts might (bad idea for your job security and popularity IMO). But, you can incorporate raw garlic into your meals every chance you get, for a more subtle approach. My favourite methods include:

  1. Homemade salad dressings. Try this Creamy Tahini Dressing to start.
  2. Homemade pesto (add to salads, sour dough toast, pasta, rice crackers)
  3. Bruschetta – the secret to the Italian Mafia’s longevity

#6 Olive Leaf Extract

During winter, I’ve gotten into the habit of swirling olive leaf extract in my mouth whilst making breakfast. A university study found this brand to contain 40 x more antioxidants than the finest EVOs (extra virgin olive oil) and to slay 400% harder than Vitamin C. Daym. This is largely credited to Oleuropein, an antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory compound which gives olive leaf its remarkable disease-fighting powers.

In the next instalment of this series, I will reveal the best natural cold treatment tactics and home remedies for cold and flu destruction.

Want to really strengthen your immune system?

Try my powerful green immune boosting smoothie.