Turning You On With All Things Health & Good-Living



About The Wellness Flirt

I’m bringing back the fun and heat to wellness baby and you’re invited <3

It’s an approach to health and lifestyle that’s less prescriptive, dogmatic and extreme, and a lot more experimental, playful and practical!

Seeking Elevation  

I’m on a crusade to live an EXTRAORDINARY life.

Goosebumps, Oprah “Ah Ha” moments and spine-tingling connection.

Yep, I’m all about that…

But, I’m also about the simple things – everyday unremarkable but delightful moments and simple pleasures. And avocados. I’m definitely about that.  

I want to feel ALIVE, INSPIRED and CHALLENGED every day, with the appreciation that not every day is monumental but certainly damn precious.

Seeking Magic

I’m fixated with living a charmed life, uncovering the transformational health tips and spiritual laws of success that lead to:

  • A calm, inspired and savvy mind that knows how to get things it wants
  • A strong, healthy, and bangin’ body with energy to burn
  • Intuition and gut-feels so strong you’re practically psychic  
  • Exquisite, soul-nourishing relationships with those who matter most
  • A wickedly healthy bank account that allows you to give back

Discovering and mastering these universal principles is a path we can all dance on, and I want to inspire you to turn up your favourite Spotify playlist and come join the party.

Seeking Growth NOT Perfection

It’s not all rosy, but there are beauty and lessons in the pain. You gotta open up to receive. Being exposed is scary, but it’s also a relief to being raw, vulnerable and uncensored.
To be human.

Making mistakes and effing up is part of the journey.

It’s customary to being a student of life.

And, my is there plenty to learn…

Law of Attraction.
Think & Grow Rich.
Lifestyle Design.

They call it different things, but it all comes down to the basic principle of Cause & Effect.

Do this. Get that.

Health, Wealth, Happiness, Success…It’s all an exercise in do this, get that.

And my obsession is discovering the this that brings the that.

The Wellness Flirt Way

You’ll see that wellness and good living really just means coming back to basics, returning to the infinite wisdom and blessings of mah homegirl Mother Nature, and building winning healthy habits.

Here I share the learnings, tricks, hacks, shifts and tidbits of wisdom I’ve come across that steer you towards wellness and good living, green smoothie in one hand and champagne in the other.

To live a life you’re proud of and excited about – not in an ego-driven Kanyesque way, but in a “my soul is smiling and my spirit is twerking” kinda way.   

It ain’t really magic, but it feels magical.  

Come play.