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Beauty Sleep Tips to Wake Up Lookin’ FRESH & GLOWY

Beauty Sleep Tips to Wake Up Lookin’ FRESH & GLOWY

We all know the benefits of sleep are extensive; improved alertness, increased stamina, restored energy, a better mood, and a stronger immune system are just some of the positive outcomes you’ll enjoy from a good night’s rest.

Yet, many of us continue to forego this all important activity in favour of, say, mindlessly scrolling through our Instagram feed.

However, one thing many of us forget is the astonishing effect sleep has on how we look.

Sleeping Beauty was onto something…

Turns out catching those Zs has a whole lot to do with how incredible you look on the outside.

Why is this?

During your slumber your body gets to work on curbing inflammation, as well as repairing and renewing your skin cells. If you’ve ever experienced that fresh-faced glow that follows a deliciously solid 7-8 hour sleep, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The good news is there are simple steps you can take to optimise your beauty sleep.

My Best Beauty Sleep Tips

Lay Your Face & Mane on a Silk Pillow

While we despise waking up with those annoying creases on our face, we tend to ignore them knowing they will soon disappear. Unfortunately, sleep lines are actually an indication that damage has been done.

When sleeping on a regular cotton pillow slip, the delicate skin on your face endures a whole night of pulling and tugging, which long-term leads to premature aging. This is not the case with a silk pillow, where instead facial skin glides along the fabric preventing harm. As an added bonus, silk also prevents “bedhead” and retains your blowdry longer.

I’m a big fan of these luxurious silk pillowcases by Aussie brand Slip. They use the finest pure mulberry silk in the world and come in a beautiful range of classic colours, and cheeky packaging. Their sleep masks are also fabulous! Check them out.

Drink a Skin Tonic Before Bed

Sleep your way to top model skin status by drinking lots of water in the lead up to bed for extra hydration. Hydration is critical to achieving that plump dewy complexion of a supermodel. You can go one step further by concocting your own skin tonic to drink in the evening.

Swap your regular camomile or peppermint tea every now and then for a skin boosting tea tonic made of ginger, turmeric, cayenne and lemon. It sounds a bit terrifying and you may need to adjust to the taste, but the reward will be a detoxifying effect that leaves your skin glowing with happiness. A hint of raw honey can be used to sweeten for a tastier brew, and has added antibacterial benefits.

Beauty Sleep Tips Skin and Hair

Optimise Your Beauty Product Application

Use the substantial block of time you spend sleeping to allow products to work their magic. Lather your body in coconut oil, and apply it as a hair mask once in a week, which you can rinse off in the morning for silky smooth locks. Slather a 50-50 combo of coconut oil and shea butter on your tootsies and slip on some socks to renew dry cracked heels.

If you use a skin brightening product with Vitamin C, or anti-aging retinol, make sure these are applied during your evening regime as wearing these products in the sun can deactivate the ingredients or make you skin more sensitive and prone to damage.

In the end, it’s best to remember that the best way to boost your beauty sleep is to actually get that sleep girlfriend!

Make it a priority; it’s the easiest way to wake up with the ‘Yoncé’ effect.

Do you have any special beauty sleep tips & rituals?