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How Brad Pitt Surprised Me, Oprah Wisdom, & What God Wants Y’all to Know

How Brad Pitt Surprised Me, Oprah Wisdom, & What God Wants Y’all to Know

I’m a massive reader and information seeker, so I figured I’d pull together a regular post of things I’m digging to share.

I hope these pieces inspire or shift some things for you.

Brat Pitt Opens Up & It’s Really Refreshing

Brad Pit has never been an actor I’ve particularly admired or frothed over.

He’s beautiful, sure, but I never took too much away from his personality.

Well, things have changed, and it’s all thanks to this raw interview Brad Pitt did with GQ, which I found it all kinds of insightful and comforting.

Because, it illuminated that no matter your fame, status, and external success… you still have “stuff”.

You still struggle with the human condition – addiction, pain, loss. All of it.

You are not immune to all of life’s challenges, bad dreams, tumbles, relationships turned sour, self-doubt and moments of self-loathing.

Without knowing much at all about Brad Pitt, I always admire someone who exposes the facade and keeps it real. Someone who admits life isn’t all rosy, even if it’s designer clad and you’ve been labelled a raging “success”.

With the aftermath of his public divorce, the guy admits that he’s been:

“Sitting with those horrible feelings, and needing to understand them, and putting them into place. In the end, you find: I am those things I don’t like. That is a part of me. I can’t deny that. I have to accept that. And in fact, I have to embrace that. I need to face that and take care of that. Because by denying it, I deny myself. I am those mistakes. For me every misstep has been a step toward epiphany, understanding, some kind of joy.

Ummmm fucking true, no?

We’re always resisting or avoiding those parts of ourselves we perceive as “weaknesses,” “flaws” and “deficiencies”.

We try to hide these parts, cage them, or pretend they don’t exist, but, WE ARE THOSE THINGS WE DON’T LIKE.

Sometimes it’s actually just a matter of reframing perceived flaws.

And, sometimes, it’s just accepting that we’re all human and we make mistakes.

We get moody, we yell, we say mean things, or act poorly.

The point is, you gotta OWN IT!

As mah man Brad elucidates, denying and suppressing your mistakes is no way to grow. And, feeling the pain is all part of that process.

“Yeah, the avoidance of pain is a real mistake. It’s the real missing out on life. It’s those very things that shape us, those very things that offer growth, that make the world a better place, oddly enough, ironically. That make us better.”

He’s some other gems from the interview:

“And then you’ve got a cliché: “If you love someone, set them free.” Now I know what it means, by feeling it. It means to love without ownership. It means expecting nothing in return.

“And there are times I get really cynical, you know. I spend a lot of time on design and even this sculpture folly I’m on, I have days when—it all ends up in the dirt anyways: What’s the point? So I go through that cycle, too, you know? What’s the point?

Yep, we’re all the same…

Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Bloomberg Talking the Meaning of Life, Business & Growth

[March 2017]

At age 63, homegirl Oprah’s been working it harder than ever before.

I’m so inspired by successful mature women who show no signs of slowing down and continue to challenge themselves with new creative projects and endeavours.

Why retire when you’ve still got loads to learn and give!

“Until you have used your value as a human being, you’re not done.”

Amen sister!

Now, if you’re into personal growth and self-improvement like me, it’s real easy to get caught up in your own goals and ambitions. Getting a little bit too obsessed with always bettering yourself with your burpees and your superfood shots and your zen.

Look, I’m all ’bout that. It’s important to look after your temple and practice self-love, BUT…turning yourself into the hawtest, healthiest and wealthiest babe is not what life’s really about.

Yes, it’s nice to be fabulous and fiiiiine, but I’ll bet the moments in life you felt most connected, grateful and elevated was not in front of the mirror checking out your ab definition, but when you did something to serve others, and they were like, “gurrrrl, you dah bomb“.

Yes, Oprah know’s her shit when she says:

You’re legacy is every life you touch.


Insightful Podcast with author of Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch

I’ve had the book Conversations with God on my reading list for a while, but after listening to this interview on the Melissa Ambrosini podcast with the author Neale Donald Walsch, I clicked my way to Amazon Kindle and bought it straight away.

I’m not entirely sure where I stand on the “God” thing, but the idea of a chinwag with God intrigues me as does the concept of a “higher power”.

Now, you might raise your eyebrows at moments during this interview, but there are definitely some golden nuggets if you’re open.

What Neale says to people who are going through difficult and challenging times:

“Trust that this is part of a larger process.”

Neale makes the point that we all have experiences we don’t like. Periods that are painful when we go through them, but when we get to the other side of these we can look back and see that they were necessary for our growth and the reason we ended up in a better place than we were.

Like Steve Jobs once said:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” 

But, my biggest takeaway from the interview was this bit:

“It’s okay to feel the way you’re feeling. Let yourself have the emotion that you’re having. If you’re angry, be angry. If you’re sad, be sad. If you’re scared, be scared. If you’re upset, be upset. If you’re disappointed and frustrated, then let yourself be disappointed and frustrated. Don’t try and not have those emotions because you think you should somehow rise above them and be better than that.


I’m definitely guilty of trying to resist negative emotions and feelings out of the belief I should always “look at the positive side” and that being upset, confused, anxious, disappointed or angry is somehow weak or ungrateful.

But, we need to feel what we feel to release those emotions…. To get to the other side.

The only way out, is the way through.”

Wow, I love this!

I went through an episode of uncertainty and confusion recently that really shook me for a few days.

I didn’t like that I was having these unsettling thoughts and feelings.

But, I needed to move through them to get to where I am now: clear, in tune, and excited.

Sure, I was never going to enjoy that temporary period of negative emotions, but feeling shit about feeling shit wasn’t doing me any favours either.

The only way out, is the way through.

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