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How to Keep Warm in Winter Without Heating – 7 Hawt Tips to Use Forever

How to Keep Warm in Winter Without Heating – 7 Hawt Tips to Use Forever

Winter can be a difficult time…

Personally, I dislike being cold and tend to thrive in summer when it’s deliciously warm and sunny.

And while I live in Perth, where the weather during winter can often sit around the 20℃ degree mark, I STILL GET COLD :'(

…Especially my feet. Anyone the same?

Well, despite the frosty feels I also want to minimise the use of a heater during winter because $$, and also, I feel there are more eco-friendly ways to keep warm and cosy.

Yes, some are a little old school, but I urge you to give them a shot, and thank me later when you’re feeling all kinds of hawt✌

Here are my fave tips on how to keep warm in winter without heating.

#1 Flannel Sheets

This tip is truly life-changing, and if you’re late to join the flannel revolution (like I was was) I implore you to do yourself this one service and buy yourself a set of flannel sheets to use over winter. You should get a set with a mattress cover, a single sheet to use under your doona, and some pillow cases. You will never look back, because you will be encased in a glorious snuggle cloud I’m certain even The Hound would deem “pure heaven”.

#2 Ugg Boots

They may be the Crocs of winter, but Ugg Boots will keep your tootsies toasty and cushioned like no other shoes. Quintessentially Australian, I highly recommend investing in a high-quality genuine sheepskin pair with a thick wool interior. These truly last a decade or more. I’ve had the same pair for about 10 years and if you just wear them around the house (which is the only place you really should wear them, right) they will keep just fine. I think I’ll get another 5 years out of mine. That’s a pretty solid cost per wear ratio.

#3 Hot Water Bottle

Alright, alright I know what you’re thinking…”I ain’t no grandma or gramps…and I have standards“. To which I say, are you willing to let go of your pride for the season in order to enjoy warm cosy bliss? Because I promise you if you put this rubbery sucka at the foot of your bed you will 100% be toastie AF. It may be teetering the edge of Snuggie territory, but I think you’ll agree it’s a little more dignified (even I have my limits). Trust me, once you experience it’s ability to transform your sheets into a warm haven, y’all gonna convert to this new bottle lifestyle. Who’s with me?

#4 Wheat Bag

Like the hot water bottle, this guy is a sacred vessel of warmth. I personally like to restrict my hot water bottle to bedroom duties and rock my wheat heat pack in the study or car – it’s lighter and doubles for pain relief (especially magical during your period)! You can pop it in the microwave for a couple minutes before leaving for work and sit it on your lap or behind your lower back when driving for a toastie commute. This may require a bit of courage, but you can also actually bring it into the office and sit with it at work. Just cry back pain if you’re worried ’bout being seen as uncool, although the trendy forecaster in me firmly believes these, along with hot water bottles, will make a BIG comeback.

#5 Hot Yoga / Any Exercise

This is pretty obvs but when you move your body, you increase your core temperature, which is a surefire way to heat up. We all know doing some form of exercise will make us feel warmer, the problem is when we’re cold we just want to lye under a mountain of flannel and be cosy. What better incentive to get out and exercise then a steamy room that will heat you up instantly? This is where hot yoga comes in. Guaranteed to warm you up stat, you’ll also benefit from the seriously sweaty and intense workout. It’s my fave workout during the cold winter months!

#6 Sauna & Steam Room

Speaking of sweaty rooms, one of my absolute fave pastimes is sitting in a sauna or steam room to sweat out toxins and just feel all-round rejuvenated. Winter is the perfect time to indulge in this practice. For an extra healthy kick, stick to an infrared sauna, which has added benefits of increasing circulation, purifying your skin, pain relief and relaxation.

#7 Body Heat 😉

You’ve splashed out on flannel sheets and let your inner grandma go rogue by introducing a hot water bottle into the bedroom….it’s time, now, to even things out with a session of hot, steamy, nasty horizontal hokey pokey. Don’t let the “hokey pokey” expression cool you off, cause heating things up between the sheets is probs the hawtest way to keep warm. (And a partner who accepts your hot water bottle companion is surely a keeper.)

I sincerely hope you try my tips on how to keep warm in winter without heating, but, if all else fails I have one last trick up my sleeve…

That’s all.

Have I missed anything?

What are your tips to keep warm in winter without heating?

Please share in the comments if you have any 🙂