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Being Okay with Life’s Ebb & Flow – Redefining A Balanced Life

Being Okay with Life’s Ebb & Flow – Redefining A Balanced Life

How often do you go 4 days let alone a whole month in complete balance?

With your shit completely together.

O N   T O P   O F   T H I N G S.

In control. #Winning. Smashing #lifegoals.

Each day spent in an ideal ratio of work, rest and play.

A way of living that is perfectly coordinated and optimised.

Is this “balanced life” even possible?

Here’s my new take on how to live a balanced life in a crazy world

You see, I’ve always pursued living in a state of sustainable harmony. A lifestyle that balances achievement and working hard with play and pleasure. Pushing the limits one minute, letting go the next.

Fitting in the stress-reducing meditation, the energising workouts, the restorative yoga, the healthy meal-planning and masterfully organised batch-cooking, the mind-clearing journalling, touching base with friends and family, mastering the to-do list, powering through the workday…

Ticking all the boxes.

But lately, I’ve noticed a shift in this mentality, because it’s all too hard quite frankly.

…To always be on time, to exercise everyday #noexcuses, to please everyone, to give 100% all the time, to get it ALL done ALL the time EVERYDAY.

And it inevitably leads to feeling like, whatever it is you’re meant to be doing with this life, you’re failing.

One thing’s for sure, it’s not healthy to feel like you’re drowning.

The reality is, there are days you will feel like an absolute hero and the total embodiment of the Pro that would make Steven Pressfield clap his hands in adulation.

You’ll wake up and make you bed, sweat through 15 minutes of high-intensity exercise, meditate like a monk for 20 minutes, eat a nutritious instaworthy breakfast, nail everything on your to-do list at work, eat lunch outside in the sunshine, touch nature, plan your to-do list for tomorrow, come home and cook a delicious healthy dinner, eat it mindfully, remember to take your supplements, body brush, floss, fit in some evening yoga stretches, list the things you’re grateful for, and finally drift off into a peaceful slumber at a bedtime that guarantees 8hrs of sleep.

Some days you will do all those things.

But some days, you won’t…

You’ll wake up and hit the snooze button, you’ll miss the bus, you’ll forget your umbrella, you’ll leave your lunch at home, you’ll have cravings, you’ll drink too much coffee, you’ll get stressed about something that isn’t going to plan, you’ll get home late from work and CBF cooking, you’ll pour that second glass of wine, you’ll order in, you’ll face plant your pillow and disregard your chiro’s advice on the best sleeping position.

I’ve come to realise that one consistency in life is – it ebbs and flows.

Some days feel slow, some feel productive, some feel grounded, and others are a packed with activity and curve-balls.

Some weeks drag, others fly in the blink of an eye.

You will go through really busy periods when you feel like you’re constantly chasing your tail, and others when you feel like you are slaying.

Life is rarely balanced on the outside, but we can maintain a sense of inner peace whether we’re deep in the ebb or in the flow. Both have lessons to impart and a role to play.

Sometimes we must rise to the challenge, get less sleep, embrace high-pressure situations, and miss a workout.

Sometimes we need to drink wine and drink wine. And drink wine.

My concept of how to live a balanced life has changed over time as I’ve discovered that fitting it all in isn’t really balance. And feeling guilty for not fitting it all in certainly isn’t harmony.

Embrace ebb and flow and you embrace life.

Do you agree?

Have you come to terms with life’s ebb and flow?