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How to Make Superfood Shots (Get More Energy & Glow)

How to Make Superfood Shots (Get More Energy & Glow)

Sorry, this isn’t going to be a guide on how to miraculously transform alcoholic shots into a superfood tonic, a skill I am yet to master…

However, I can reveal that this method of intoxication will not lead to a “mexicoma” or crippling hangover the next day. Quite the opposite.

Depending on your flavour of choice, these superfood shots will have you bouncing off the walls with energy, glowing with health and vitality, or ejecting damaging toxins from your temple.

It’s worth a shot…

5 Powerful Superfood Shots

Citrus Sunrise

Lemon and warm water

What better way to start the day than your classic lemon and H2O to a gently awaken your digestive system and arouse your liver. Lemon is the ultimate natural detoxifier and antibacterial powerhouse, known to support and strengthen liver function, whilst flushing out those pesky toxins.

Hot Lemon Drink

Spiced up Golden Shower

Turmeric, MSM, pepper, apple cider vinegar, gelatine, coconut oil

You know that face you pull after a particularly heavy shot – somewhere between “I am a badass” and “I’m not gonna make it”. Well, this is one of those… The taste is amongst the worst that you’ll voluntarily allow to hit your palette. But, it must be said, it’s one shot of pain for a world of epidermis gain.

Turmeric Drink

The ancient spice turmeric fights inflammation with its active ingredient curcumin, promoting glowing skin. The hitch is curcumin is poorly absorbed alone, and that’s where pepper comes in, increasing its bioavailability along with the healthy fats such as our fave high achiever, coconut oil. Throw in some gelatine (combats joint pain and cellulite) and sulphur (MSM – all-round miracle worker) and you have truly given your skin an internal shower worth its weight in gold.

Skinny Sour

1 tsp. MSM, baobab, camu camu

MSM is known as the beautifying mineral that will bestow you with the beauty trifecta of lustrous hair, radiant skin and strong nails. On par, is vitamin C, long touted for it’s brightening and firming effects on the skin. The antioxidant neutraliser also reigns in those free radicals, which deceptively sound like ultra cool free-spirited hippies, but are actually uncharged molecules that “attack” your living cells and rob skin of its youthful beauty.

So, the story goes, MSM has a bit of a love affair going with Vitamin C, and when you see the two in action, you’ll understand why. MSM and Vitamin C work synergistically together to feed and repair your skin to next level hotness. And it just so happens that the sour tasting Baobab and Camu Camu are amongst the most vitamin C rich fruits on the planet. So, add these zingy fruit powders with MSM and you have a match made in dermatological heaven. It’s time to get just as drunk in love with these two as they are with each other.

The Green Fairy

Spirulina – lime

Superfood Shots Lime Spirulina DrinkYou’re in no danger of hallucinating with this version of the Green Fairy, using two green superfoods: spirulina and lime. I’m not gonna lie, spirulina is an acquired taste. Or if you’re like me, you don’t so much as acquire a taste for it, but shoot it down whilst trying to avoid as much contact with your taste buds as humanly possible. Most commonly consumed in powder form, the blue-green algae is famous for its protein content and impressive nutrient profile.

Containing the minerals iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and more, as well as cell-protecting beta-carotene and vitamins B1, B2 and B3, spirulina more than earns its title as a “complete food source”. In this genius combo spirulina’s intense flavour is offset by tangy, fresh lime. The lime also enhances spirulina’s energy boosting power for greater endurance by unlocking sugar from our cells according to Dr Oz.

Bloody Mary Spiced Up

Beetroot powder, cinnamon, H2O

Pollution, stress and everyday foods cause toxins to store in our blood. Along with the kidneys and lymphatic system, it’s the lungs job to purify your blood by neutralising or removing said toxins, resulting in pure oxygenated blood running through your veins. This process of blood purification is what many of us know as “detoxification”, and is the means to improve your skin radiance like nobody’s business.

Superfood Shots beetroot

The bright purple-red root vegetable beetroot just so happens to be an expert at detoxification, and therefore an excellent skin tonic. For this super shot combine your favourite red superfood powder containing beetroot (I use Just Reds which combines other rouge skin-loving ingredients including goji, acai, tomato, carrot and pomegranate) with a hint of cinnamon and bask in the antioxidants and blood sugar stabilising benefits.

Incorporate these superfood shots daily for best results.

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