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How to Shake up Your Life When Things Get Stagnant

How to Shake up Your Life When Things Get Stagnant

We all go through that phase when life gets, well, boring. Uneventful. Monotonous. Yawn. You become apathetic thinking about tomorrow. Same old, same old. It’s all routine, expected and sort of flat. You yearn for some excitement and something different. A spark.

So, what’s the cure?

You need ideas on how to shake up your life!

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and do something unpredictable, and maybe a little bit challenging.

#1 Become a Local Tourist

There’s a different attitude most of us adopt whilst travelling or on holiday. We tend to make an effort to see the sights, explore shops, try different activities, seek out new cafes and restaurants and get involved in the cultural events taking place. We’re often more willing to go out of our way to reach a particular destination so we can experience something unique. What we fail to realise is we could apply this exact mentality to our everyday life and seek out new experiences right on our doorstep.

How to Shake Up Your Life - Be a Local Tourist

Sometimes it’s nice to get about in your own hood and go exploring. I love the idea of approaching your own city as a tourist. Stop by your local art gallery or museum after work and have a gander. Seek out a new bar, take a walk through a botanical park, or stop by an evening food market after work. Explore your city and surrounding suburbs – wine regions, beaches, natural habitats. Skip the ones you frequent and head to the places you’ve never been before, which may already be sitting patiently on your to-do list.

#2 Plan Weekend Micro Adventures

I’m definitely guilty of letting my weekends pass me by with the same old activities as the last. I know if I don’t make the effort to get out and about or make plans, I will revert to my usual relaxed weekend routine. Nothing wrong with it, but it does need spicing up every now and again. And there’s nothing like an impromptu mini getaway to shimmy your way into the unknown.

How to Shake Up Your Life Micro Adventures

Also referred to as micro-adventures, these are short and sweet trips to nearby locations that typically involve a 1-3hr drive. It’s kind of like treating weekends as a lil’ baby holiday. For some reason, even being somewhere as little as an hour out of your city can be reviving. Stay at a hostel and meet some different people. Sometimes just being around travellers allows you to pick up that infectious carefree and fun energy to take back home. So, do some research and write a list of 3-5 locations you’d like to check out over the coming months. Be sure to book these in over your weekends.

#3 Do Something Impulsive

What’s life without a little spontaneity, risk and novelty? A little lacklustre in my opinion. Sometimes you need to push yourself to try new things, meet new people and reconnect with old ones. So, if you’ve been wanting to reconnect with a blast from your past, drop them a message. If there’s someone in your life now that’s kind of on the periphery who you’d like to develop a friendship or relationship with, contact them and make plans. If a cute guy asks you out on a date, go.

How to Shake Up Your Life

Don’t hold back. Put yourself out there and reap the rewards. We all fear rejection and being vulnerable, but sometimes we need to be the ones to take that first step and makes things happen. Most like-minded people will be delighted that you’ve made the effort and flattered that you’d like to get to know them. And if they don’t reciprocate – what have you really lost anything?

Hope these ideas leave you uplifted and itching to experiment with your life.

How do you insert spontaneity into your life?

Feed me ideas please!