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Jeans vs Yoga Pants | Why Wearing Yoga Pants Makes You Fitter

Jeans vs Yoga Pants | Why Wearing Yoga Pants Makes You Fitter

Like most ladies, my closet has always had a section designated for a stack (or two) of jeans.

Casual, flattering and stylish, denim has always been the go-to fashion item for the vast majority.

In the last couple years, however, I’ve found myself adding a new category to my closet space that’s getting all of my attention of late. Yes, I now have a whole draw exclusively for yoga pants, and it’s on regular rotation.

Suddenly I’ve found myself contemplating each morning:

“jeans vs yoga pants today?”

And lately, yoga pants have been winning.

jeans vs yoga pants

Here’s why:

#1 Yoga pants take you from outings to errands to workouts with no change required.

If you’re like me and your typical weekend consists of exploring the cafe scene, errands, doing a market haul, shops, workouts and the likes, you will live in yoga pants, cause they’re all about real living. They’re versatile enough to take you from brunch with the ladies, to a yoga class, to picking up some groceries on the way home. All whilst feeling comfortable without damaging your style game.

#2 It’s acceptable to wear yoga pants most daytime places you once wore denim.

If your weekend uniform includes a pair of jeans, prepare to be converted to yoga pants this autumn. There’s really nowhere casual that you can’t wear yoga pants during the day where you once turned to your trusty denim. Yoga pants are even comfier than your most worn-in jeans, but just as chic.

#3 Popping out is no longer the challenge it once was.

Doing a dash to the shops or grabbing a coffee at your local cafe? If you can do this in your daggy trackies without an ounce of shame, you’re a stronger person than I. But, slip me into a pair of fly printed yoga pants and I’ll stroll in there like I’m Kayne West himself. Dunno about you but I’m rarely lounging around the house in a pair of jeans. It’s either trackies or yoga pants, so if I need to pop out quickly and if I’m wearing the latter, I like that I don’t need to think twice about it.

#4 Yoga pants look and feel good even when you’re bloated.

Sometimes you just feel the opposite of light. Maybe you went a bit hard at the Mexican restaurant last night, or maybe it’s just that time of the month. We all have days when we feel a bit heavy and uncomfortable in our midsection. On these days pulling on a pair of heavy, stiff jeans is the last thing you feel like doing, especially the part where you have to do up the button and zip. I’m sure even The Plastics would have embraced yoga pants in these hard times #YogaPantsAreAllThatFitMeRightNow.

#5 Yoga pants make your butt look stellar whilst still allowing you to breathe freely.

Let’s be real. That tight killer pair of jeans you wear to make your tush look divine cause it hugs your curves in all the right places…are also an effort to squeeze into and can leave you feeling constricted for extended periods of time. Totally okay and worth it on a special night out, but when you’re playing it casual, turn to yoga pants to achieve a sexy behind without any discomfort.

#6 Going on a shopping spree? Yoga pants are your friend.

When you’re planning a big shopping day, you want to wear an outfit that’s comfortable and easy to take on and off. Squeezing back into a pair of jeans at each fitting room can be a pain in the ass. Enter yoga pants. Stretchy, comfortable and easy to slink in and out of, these miraculous pants are a shopper’s dream.

#7 Fact: Wearing yoga pants will make you fitter.

There’s a running joke that us ladies like to wear activewear when we’re not actually working out. Yes, this is totally acceptable, but I also believe there is some truth to the idea simply by virtue of wearing yoga pants, you will be more active and behave in a healthier fashion. For instance, I know if I put them on after work while cooking dinner, I’ll be more likely to pop out for a quick walk after, than if I slide straight into my trackies. If I’m wearing them at home on the weekend I’ll be more likely to whip up something healthy for lunch. The snug fabric is like a little reminder nudging us toward making better decisions.

#8 No one wants to downward dog in denim.

(Warning: don’t try this one in your high waisted skinny jeans). I don’t care how stretchy your jeans are, there are some poses only yoga pants can facilitate. Granted, most of these are in fact yoga asanas, hence the invention of “yoga pants”, but they’re pretty darn perfect for a whole host of other positions too… like lying on the couch watching the Bachelorette, chilling on a picnic rug at the park with a glass of something very zen-inducing, lying in the grass with a good book, etc. Denim does not allow the same level of flexibility.

jeans vs yoga pants

#9 Travelling just got easier.

Finally, the perfect garment to wear on the plane! Stretchy and light enough not to suffocate you in the cramped space, but also long enough to keep you warm and comfy when a nap strikes, these really are the dream airborne attire. You’ll also look casual cool when checking in, and can go straight to hitting the new city for a walk or run when you land. And, yoga pants are just as travel-friendly on the plane as they are off. From sight-seeing to sampling the foodie delights, yoga pants will support you and give you room to breath between gelatos.

#10 These pesky things will never happen in yoga pants (unlike denim)


  • You will not be caught out with your fly undone.
  • You will not be a victim of saggy knees from sitting cross-legged or bending down.
  • You will not hesitate every time you need to squat or reach high for fear of revealing a peek at your butt.
  • You will never say, “oh I really should have ironed my yoga pants!”

There you are, ten more excuses to wear yoga pants.

Not that you actually needed any 😉