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9 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars from Nut Spreads

9 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars from Nut Spreads

If you’re an almond butter or ABC butter fiend like me you’ll quickly accumulate a sizable stash of empty little jars! While I’ve certainly recycled these in the past, I’m also always seeking ways to reuse glass jars in the kitchen and around the home rather than buying brand new containers for things.

Remember: reusing is always the better option over recycling, because you’re increasing the lifecycle of the product instead of exerting more energy to change/recycle it into another form. 

Plus…it makes zero sense to splash out cash on Tupperware containers or new glass jars at Kmart when you have “free” access to containers in the form of used food items that you’re already buying. 

When you plow through as much ABC butter and almond butter jars as I (hello smoothie bowl toppings and banana/honey/nut butter toast) you’ll soon have an oversupply of used up glass jars at your disposable.

Here’s some simple ideas to help you reuse glass jars of the mini nut spread size.


Reusing glass jars for food storage in the fridge:

Sometimes you just don’t need to use a whole can/jar of something you are cooking with, like sauces and creams, which is the perfect time for reusing glass jars for food storage. Pour the remainder of an ingredient into a spare jar and store in the fridge. It usually takes less room up than a small bowl and has a ready-made lid, so no need for glad wrap (less plastic waste). Winning. 

Here’s some ingredients you might do this with:

  • coconut cream/milk
  • tomato sauce
  • tahini from a bulk container

Jars are also a convenient way to store other small ingredient items for easy access and storage.

Things like:

  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkins seeds
  • nuts: brazil, cashews, almonds, walnuts, etc
  • chia seeds
  • dates
  • sultanas

Or when soaking ingredients for recipes:

  • chia puddings
  • softening dates
  • soaking oats
  • homemade chilli oil
  • marinated fetta

Or storing leftover batches of sauces/dips and premixed ingredients

  • homemade dressings
  • homemade pesto
  • pancake jars (pre-mixed dry ingredients) 


Then of course, there’s dried goods that you can organise in the pantry.

After all, it’s so much easier to sprinkle things from a jar than unwrapping the item from packaging or a plastic bag.

Reuse Glass Jars for Food Storage

I like to transfer items I tend to buy in bulk, packaged items, or things bought at the specialty foods store (typically placed in those small plastic bags with no handles) into jars to make storage and cooking easier.

This works particularly well for items you usually use in smaller quantities (a teaspoon):

  • all spices
  • buckwheat groats
  • cacao nibs
  • sultanas
  • dried cranberries
  • dates
  • corn flour
  • baking powder
  • cacao


If you’ve transitioned to using natural beauty ingredients in the bathroom, it can be handy to store these in little jars.

In the shower:

  • bicarb soda to wash hair
  • caster sugar to add to your cleanser for a quick DIY face scrub
  • coconut oil for shaving “cream”

Store backups of the above in the bathroom cupboard, along with:

  • dry bentonite clay
  • salt for gargling and using in a neti pot
  • hair clips / pins
  • hair lackies


We all keep a stash of snacks at work, am I right? But, space is often limited in the communal pantry and on your work desk. Transferring your work goodies into little jars is a clever space-saving move that also keeps things neat and tidy (eliminates too many bags/packages) therefore keeping the desk police happy.

Here’s a few healthy ingredients you may like to have handy for office snack emergencies:

  • mixed nuts
  • cacao powder
  • turmeric powder (for lunchtime superfood shots or turmeric latte breaks)
  • coconut oil
  • raw honey
  • green powders
  • protein powder


While it can be fun to buy special storage containers for your office space, if most of these items are going in your desk drawer, it makes sense to make the eco-friendly choice and use jars to store these. Add a label to the lid so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Thinks like:

  • staples
  • paper clips
  • rubber bands
  • fold back clips


Errybody got a few bits and bobs lying around that needs storage / organisation.

Reuse Glass Jars

Next time you find yourself thinking, “how can I store this/these?” – think bout your sexy little glass jars for this honorable role.


  • spare buttons and needle/thread kits
  • leftover coins/cash from travelling
  • travel locks/keys

When it comes to reusing glass jars, the possibilities are endless!!

So, next time you need to store something small, turn to the humble nut butter jar and enjoy the satisfaction of doing your part for the planet whilst getting more organised.

How do you reuse glass jars around the house?

I’d love more ideas – please share in the comments below 🙂