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Sarah Knight Book Review – Is Not Giving AF the Magical Answer?

Sarah Knight Book Review – Is Not Giving AF the Magical Answer?

How many fucks have you given today?

No, not that kind you dirty minx.

I’m talking the kind of fucks you give about things.

That is, anything you have allocated a notable portion of time, care or energy too.

If you’ve graduated by now as an “adult” you’ll know there’s a lot of things in life you can give fucks about.

Things worth your fucks, things you should probably give a fuck about but don’t (hello, ironing), and of course, the things that seem to exhaust you fucks but don’t really deserve them.

Sarah Knight, author of the Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do, wants us to now put an end to all this unnecessary giving of fucks.

Sarah Knight Book Review: The Lowdown

Sarah Knight Book Review

As the title suggests, the book advocates freeing yourself from the guilt and obligation of spending time and energy on things or people that aren’t really high up on your give-a-fuck radar.

And that’s not saying that this hypothetical person or thing isn’t valuable or important, but that for you, personally, there are other things more worthy of your fucks.

As Knight sees it, we all have a finite quota of fucks to give in our day and lifetime, and we really need to be more conscious about where these are going.
We need to take ownership of our fucks and acknowledge that ultimately, we are the gatekeeper. We get to decide how and where our fucks are distributed.

That’s the beauty of being in control of our gifting of fucks…

You are completely entitled to not give a fuck about the flyer handed to you on the street, your 2nd cousin’s third baby shower, or whatever the latest fitness craze is.

In fact, you could feel prompted to share that this article contains too many “fucks”, and I can choose to politely not give a fuck.

The power is yours people, and it seems y’all are on board with Knight’s message.

Since the release of her book, Knight’s received an onslaught of proud messages from readers announcing that they’ve finally abandoned the fucks they once gave so freely.

And it’s great…because mindlessly giving away your fucks does no one any favours.

Giving a fuck takes energy. It takes mental space. And it takes a toll on your happiness and health if not managed carefully.

As such, I’m all for not giving a fuck about things.

But, that’s not what the book is really about.

It’s not a free pass to be lazy and careless but in fact, a call to readers to evaluate:

What’s really worthy of your fucks?

Because it’s those superfluous fucks that rob you of fucks from things and people you genuinely do give a fuck about.

When we’re drained from giving too many fucks, we start to reach a place where we find it hard to give a fuck about anything…

Someone’s offended by my lateness. I don’t give a fuck.

Didn’t come good on that promise I made to a client. I don’t give a fuck.

Fail an exam. I don’t give a fuck…

But, is not giving a fuck always the answer?

If you take on this attitude before you know it your default response to everything becomes #zerofucksgiven and that is a dangerous place to be.

Because, once someone detects your lack of fucks, it’s hard to recover the damage.

Eventually they will move on to another supplier of fucks, whether that’s your lover, friend, boss, colleague, staff member, client, or customer.

It’s all too easy to twist the book’s message as a license to stop giving a fuck about anything and everything that becomes the slightest bit challenging, uncomfortable or inconvenient.

Yes, we need to identify the stuff we don’t really give a fuck about and stop getting caught up in the “small stuff”.

Eliminating the unnecessary worry, angst and stress that comes with letting go of fucks about things that don’t really matter to us is both liberating and 100% advised.

With all the hype about not giving a fuck, maybe we’ve lost sight of the fact that giving a fuck is actually a good and important thing. 

Because let’s face it, not much in this world gets done when we don’t give a fuck.

Yet, it seems to me that it’s the relinquishing of fucks that has been getting all the attention.

Perhaps it’s time to shift our focus from why we shouldn’t give a fuck, and what (or who) we shouldn’t give a fuck about, to what we actually do, in fact, give a fuck about.

The key takeaway isn’t that you should stop giving a fuck, but that maybe you just need to be more aware and discerning of where you are directing those fucks.

So make your fucks count everybody…and enjoy the life-changing magic.

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