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12 Top Health & Business Podcasts to Uplevel Your Thinking & Living

12 Top Health & Business Podcasts to Uplevel Your Thinking & Living

Apologies in advance for my excessive use of the following adjectives cause “interesting,” “intriguing,” and “insightful” are ’bout to go off the hook right now.

But, it’s all warranted in my opinion, because in this post I’m listing my favourite top-rated podcasts at the moment spanning the topics of health, wellness, high-performance and business, including old favourites and some newbies I’ve been binging on.

Please, dig in.

Top Health Podcasts

#1 Good Life Project

An oldie, but a goodie, The Good Life Project is an epic series of really interesting conversations with really interesting people from all walks of life who’ve achieved great things. The host Jonathon Fields is about as heart-centred and authentic as you get. He says the word “fascinating” a lot (if you want to play a fun game take superfood shot each time he says it…).

Here are some of my fave episodes from the GPL podcast:

#2 The Tim Ferris Show

Probably one of the very first podcasts I got hooked on, the Tim Ferris Show is enjoyed by ladies and gents alike. Tim delves into topics like high performance, stoicism, success habits and routines, entrepreneurship, and general life advice through his interviews with big name celebrities, artists and business people at the top of their game.

He’s clocked up over 250 episodes so if you’ve somehow yet to discover Tim Ferris, prepare a steady stream of inspo for yonks. He’s interviewed so many people that he’s also started to mash the golden nuggets from multiple guests on favourite topics like morning routines and sleep. I really like how Tim’s brain works and how honest he is about his life and own short-comings. A real stand-up dude.

My fave episodes:

#3 Melissa Ambrosini

Relatively new on the podcast scene, Melissa Ambrosini’s podcast boasts some pretty influential guests in the health, personal development, and spiritual scene. I like that there are familiar faces I’m interested in hearing from but also a host of new names and teachings to discover! This is the podcast that finally inspired to read Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsch (the author was a guest of the podcast). Boy was that worth it!

Even with under 50 episodes live at the time of this post, it’s really difficult to narrow my favourites, but here we go:

  • How To Financially Free Yourself With Peta Kelly – What an absolute leg(end)! This podcast was so inspiring. Peta Kelly has achieved some lofty business goals but I love just how raw, real and inspiring she is. She’s the kinda lady you can literally feel the passion and energy in her voice. This podcast will make you want to kick some major profesh and career goals.
  • Conversations With God And Neale Donald Walsch – A completely eye-opening  conversation with a very interesting man who had his own chinwag with the ultimate Homie-G. Yep, his book documents his conversations with God and this convo delves into some of what came up. Intriguing.
  • The Power Of Sex For Health, Wealth And Love With Kim Anami – A really frank and interesting chat on a topic (ess e ex) that is rarely openly spoken about or explored in the context of wealth and professional success. I found this very interesting and will definitely be digging up more sexy teachings from Kim Anami!
  • Living Fearlessly, Self-Love And Conscious Parenting With Celebrity Chef Pete Evans – Screw the haters! I love Pete’s message and back to basics approach to eating and living. He speaks common sense and will inspire you to get back in the kitchen and work with nature in your cooking adventures.
  • Eat Dessert Burn Fat With Crosby Tailor – Quite the babe, but also a really down to earth and giving type of guy, this podcast with Crosby Tailor will get you googling all matter of superfood supplements and imagining life with a man who creates sugar free desserts for a living and hobby 😏❤️
  • Conscious Parenting And Living A Zen Life With Hollywood Actress Teresa Palmer – You know her as the beautiful blonde Australian Actress, but there’s so much much more to Teresa Palmer than meets the eye, including a whole lotta soul. Check out her website too Your Zen Life.
  • The Power of Essential Oils with Dr Eric Zielinski – I’ve been tinkering with essential oils for the last 6 months or so, but this podcast totally propelled my interest to the next level. I’m so inspired to integrate essential oils more into my life and everyday rituals after listening to this incredible, insightful convo.

#4 Melyssa Griffin – Pursuit with Purpose

Oh Em Gee, where do I start with this podcast? Total binge listen as soon as I discovered it. Melyssa is a big mover and shaker in the online education space, teaching various courses in the online marketing domain (e.g. Pinterest, Content Marketing and Branding.) I’ve done one myself, and can vouch that this lady pours her heart into her programs and this podcast is no different.

I love love love how varied the topics and guests are, from spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra to successful entrepreneurs and students. One thing I really appreciate about Melyssa is she really is dah real deal in terms of creating a business from a genuinely purpose-driven and heart-centred place (the name of the podcast is a bit of a hint to that).

My fave eps below:

#5 Impact Theory – Hosted by Tom Bilyeu

I’ve only recently discovered this video/podcast in the last few months so there is still so much juiciness to uncover here. Essentially another podcast with interesting people in the health, business and social psychology space, so you get some really novel thinking here on how to cultivate your epicness.

#6 Marie Forleo

My favourite business woman with big hair and a big personality to match. Her calling is all bout helping you “create a business and life you love“. Marie is one of the first people I noticed really injecting her business and brand with her (quirky, hilarious) personality and making talkin’ shop (business) fun. I love how Marie champions women and uses her platform to raise awareness of incredible social enterprises and the people behind them. The more you get to know Marie, the more you discover how truly authentic, brilliant and badass she is.

Not just a straight-shooting thought-leader on business and marketing, Marie is is the ultimate representation of living your brand and created a heart-centred business. Such a Boss Lady, I have so much Love & 👊Respect for this woman. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the evolution of her YouTube channel over the years to the very profesh production it is today. Her YouTube channel is a treasure trove of punchy content across all business and marketing topics, plus longer form interviews with stellar people.

Uncover some gold:

#7 School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

A great podcast with a great man about greatness… Lewis Howes has been on my radar for a while, but I hadn’t really delved too far into his content aside from listening to other podcasts where he’s been the guest. Finally I’ve discovering his YouTube channel and podcast interviewing all the influencers you know and love. You will not get board with his stellar line up.

So many interesting minds to discover here…

Honorable Mentions:

#8 Life Stylist 

I’ve only just discovered this podcast after being introduced to Luke as a guest on Melissa Ambrosini’s podcast. What attracted me to explore Luke’s own podcast show where he talks about “living life at the highest level of human potential” (gimmee summa dat!) is how totally open he is about the fact that he is still figuring all this (life) shit out. He’s not positioning himself as being perfect or some superhuman authority; he’s sharing his journey and the cool things he’s discovering along the way. Check him out.

#9 James Altucher 

I like James Altucher because he’s pretty much as real as they come. And by that I mean, he keeps it real and doesn’t just talk about the glossy stuff, but delves into the lows too and just has a really interesting way of seeing the world and guiding interesting conversations with his guests. His approach is less of your typical interview style and more like eavesdropping on him having a natural conversation with some cool peeps.

#10 Model Health Podcast 

This podcast by Shawn Stevenson is featured as the #1 Health, Fitness & Nutrition podcast on iTunes. I’ve just finished reading Shawn’s book Sleep Smarter as improving the quality of my sleep is a massive focus for me this year. There are a lot of great takeaways so if you’re a troubled sleeper I recommend you get yourself a copy!…or just wait from my condensed post coming soon with the key tips and tactics to master your rest time between the sheets 😉

#11 The Art of Charm 

At over 500 eps this is the original podcast to turn to if you want to “Upgrade your social and relationship-building skills, your business savvy, and your lifestyle“. Ain’t no body not got time for that. I tend to lean towards more health oriented podcasts so I’ll be aiming to frequent this one more to get more of a psychological / social angle.

#12 Addicted to Success 

There’s a lot of familiar faces in this podcast series. This is one I dip in and out of from time to time. It’s not as active as some of the others but still lots of great content to soak up! And, the host is Aussie.


Well, my friends, it’s been real.

I hope I’ve introduced you to hours of juicy content to get stuck into.

Now, tell me, what are your favourite podcasts on health, wealth, success and business?

I’m always on the look-out for fresh meat 😉

Please share in the comments.