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Wellness Multitasking – The Easiest of Health Hacks

These days we’re all pretty time-strapped, so fitting in the desired quota of health and wellness practices can be challenging.

That’s where some wellness multitasking and health hacks can come in handy – that is, combining multiple wellness practices or activities in a short period of time.

It’s all about finding ways to pack in as many healthy acts into one experience as possible, so you can maximise health benefits.

Here are some of my favourite combinations of Wellness Multitasking

Yoga + The Outdoors + Sunshine

Health Hacks Wellness Multitasking - yoga beack

Yoga is fantastic to practice in any setting, but when the sun is shining, I love to take my mat outside for relaxation with an added vitamin D boost. There’s also something about the feeling of green grass under my bare feet that has me addicted. It just feels glorious. Allowing your feet to touch the grass provides you with the benefits of earthing, which restores and balances the body’s bioelectrical state. Basically, it neutralises the buildup of positive charges and supplies those zesty electrons.

Beach + Sunshine + Soft Sand Jog

Health Hacks Wellness Multitasking

Running along the beach has always felt like the epitome of good heath. The sunlight on your skin, the sand between your toes (see earthing), and the fresh air in your lungs as you tackle the uneven terrain. You can’t really beat this combination for an optimal cardio workout which fires up your leg muscles, whilst you soak up the beautiful scenery. Plus, if you’re lucky, you may even pass by a topless Hemsworth brother look alike (which is certainly a positive exercise for the eyes!).

ACV Tonic + Cooking + Podcast/Music

Health Hacks Wellness Multitasking - cooking music

One of my favourite ways to unwind after a long day is a chilled playlist and a good meal. In fact, I believe a delicious dinner can fix almost anything, especially when a glass of red is involved. Cooking is also a beautiful time to explore your creativity, and because it distracts your mind from any stresses, it can be incredibly relaxing.

If you prefer to switch on, not off, swap the tunes for a stimulating podcast about a topic of interest and use your kitchen time to spark some insights. While you’re playing chef, sip on a small glass of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to prep your tum for digestive glory.

Journaling + Facemask + Music

Health Hacks Wellness Multitasking - journal music

When your busy and restless mind needs respite, it’s time to sit your tush down and write it out. There’s nothing quite like a session of mental purging – straight from your mind to page. As calming music is a natural relaxant, it’s a great way to support this process of mental unravelling.

Pop on a natural clay or honey facemask and get a beauty treatment all at the same time. Release all the monkey mind thoughts, recurring internal debates and arguments, and any negative feelings or grudges you’re holding onto. Your troubles, worries and anxieties…unload these all on the page and let it all go. Ahhh, better.

Do you use health hacks or practice wellness multitasking?