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Why Essential Oils Will Change Your Life

Why Essential Oils Will Change Your Life

If you are not yet privy to the world of essential oils, it’s time to get all kinds of acquainted.

I know what you’re thinking…ugh essential oils BORRRRING!

Aren’t those just some smelly bottles those hippie crystal-crazed (but lovely 😉 ) folk sell at the local trade market?

Well…sometimes. But, not really…

Your first encounter with essential oils may be of this nature… You’re strolling along a market alley with your green bags and vegan donut in hand on a mission to find organic blueberries, when you’re distracted by an overwhelm of scents coming from a stall brimming with mysterious tonics, herbs and salt lamps.

Some of these stalls are bonafide merchants, but often the essential oils sold at these kinds of market stalls are not the proper stuff, but “watered down” versions of real therapeutic grade essential oils.

And these, my dear, are the magical elixirs that can truly change your world.

And by change your world I’m talking about these essential oils benefits:

  • Perk up your mood (let’s face it, you’re no Pollyanna)
  • Relieve your bangin’ temple of aches and pains amassed from HIIT, Crossfit, F45, Booty Burns, Pilates, Yoga and the like.
  • Improve, soothe and heal a whole gamut of pesky skin conditions that become the bane of your existence (acne, flare ups, eczema, rosacea, general skin fuckery).
  • Send you off into a deep slumber or zen-like state when anxiety or insomnia strike.  
  • Connect you to yo’ spiritual self (’sup Gandi).
  • Give your digestive system a helping hand – say bye to cramps, bloating and stomach discomfort.
  • Get your abode spick & span minus the chemical residue…cause there’s nothing “clean” about neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens.
  • Clean your threads sans toxic chemicals like surfactants, bleach, phosphates and stabilisers – do you really want those rubbing on your body all day? …I can think of better things 😉
  • Give your skin that supermodel glow, softness and suppleness…and fight them signs of aging (uneven skin tone, dryness, roughness, effing wrinkles).
  • Make you smell like a walking sexpot demigoddess who should be ravished by an equally attractive mate immediately (or, you know, at least like turn some heads from your sensual aroma).

Okay…so maybe you’re a little interested in this whole essential oils chit chat afterall.

First things first…

What are essential oils?
…(the legit (posh) therapeutic-grade kind).

Y’all know plants have all matter of parts like seeds, bark, leaves, roots, and flowers. Well, these contain what’s called “volatile aromatic compounds”. Volatile, not because they’re temperamental mofos, but named so because they have a tendency to become vapours. And the “aromatic” bit just means they have a fragrance or flavour to them.

Now, these tiny organic molecules (#scientist #witch) serve a variety of life-giving and survival purposes for said plant. In other words they help the plant stay alive, reproduce and regenerate amidst life’s bugs, pests, and the elements cause we all need some armour in this crazy environment called Earth (can you relate?).

Naturally, scientists worked out that if these compounds are doing amazing things for these plants, they might also benefit us human folk. And that’s why “natural plant extracts” is a term you’ll hear often in the marketing of supplements, beauty and cosmetics.

So, essential oils are basically a highly concentrated extract of the volatile aromatic compounds in plants achieved through distillation or expression (cold press), leaving you with a super potent oil that’s infused with the plants’ fragrance and MOST POWERFUL healing properties. The non-scientific term is Flower Power in a bottle.

What Are Essential Oils Benefits

Because essential oils are made up of tiny molecules, they have high penetration in your cells when applied to skin (entering into your bloodstream) or when ingested through breathing or internally. So much so, many people consider them medicinal.

When you think about it, medicine is really just combining extracts and parts of things from the earth in a specific way to remedy or treat a particular condition based on how these compounds function in the human body. Essential oils could simply be considered a very pure and natural rendition of this.

Essential Oils Benefits

So now you know what’s up with essential oils and their benefits, you’re probably wondering, how do I use them and where do I find the legit therapeutic kind?

That’s what I’ll get into in my next post – a beginner’s guide to using essential oils from AM to PM.

Stay tuned 🙂

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