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Why it’s Okay to be Dissatisfied With Life (This Be a Turning Point)

Why it’s Okay to be Dissatisfied With Life (This Be a Turning Point)

Have you been feeling dissatisfied with life?

There’s something to be said for that chronic yearning for something more.

Our perpetual desire for a bigger life…

More meaning.

More accomplishments.

More feels.

More glory.

More everything.

Just  M O R E.

Even when life is peachy, it’s there teasing us…

What else is there?

As humans, we draw satisfaction in the state of dissatisfaction itself. That itch.

It’s true that without it, we’d probably be too content to ever wander beyond the ostensible walls of comfort and constancy.

To explore. To experiment. To take a risk.

That would all be too much if we didn’t suffer that ache for deeper meaning and fulfillment.

Some missing truth yet uncovered.

That all encompassing explanation for our existence.

In fact, it’s our fascination with seeking what eludes us that also fuels our lives.

Can we appreciate the beauty in that?

The seeking, the yearning – it pulls us forward.

There’s gratification in the chase.

Sometimes the dissatisfaction is more prominent that usual. Persistent.

The moments when we ask ourselves:

Is this it?

How did I get here?

What’s next?

These are where turning points emerge.

Feeling stuck, bored, or disinterested is the natural prelude to a shake up.

The disillusioned minutes spent blinking at an inbox screen.

Periodic ennui.

Sober interludes of disappointment and dejectedness amidst an otherwise auspicious life.

Can we accept that our intermittent malcontent spurs us forward?

The bouts of apathy, boredom, pain and weariness are the catalyst for the growth we need.

The trigger to make changes where changes need to be made. 

Uncomfortable changes. But thrilling too.

What changes will you make in this year?